Frequently Asked Questions

Read this page if you have a question/s that need/s to be answered about WhatsApp Account Hacker Tool. If you have any other query that is not found here, you can contact the support at [email protected]

Is Whatsapp Account Hacker Tool available for Android?

Yes, Whatsapp Account Hacker Tool is available for Android devices and ALL kinds of mobile device! Unfortunately you need to have a version 4.0 or above to make it work..

Is this tool safe to use? Will I get caught hacking someones WhatsApp account?

The developers guarantee 100% safety and anonymonity to anyone using our tool. 100% No IP logger and no cookies stored on your end. Absolute anonymous!

What is Country Code?

Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes (geocodes) developed to represent countries and dependent areas, for use in data processing and communications..

Example of country codes:

  • United States of America - Country Code : 1 or +1
  • United Kingdom - Country Code : 44 or +44
  • I cannot Verify Offer Not Availabe on my Country

    If you are unable to verify it is most likely you are using your desktop PC. Use a mobile device to browse our website and it should show offers.

    The hack tool is not working, what is the problem?

    There are lots of possibilities why such thing happens. You can contact the support and provide the details of the problem so we can help you out accordingly.